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Hi everyone,

I've just rounded off my first year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD, Hist. Sci, Med, Tech). I'm in the coursework phase of my program, and writing an MA paper, which looks at Brown-Séquard's so-called "elixir of life," which was said to rejuvenate the body and prolong life. I'm most interested in the mechanics of Brown-Séquard's elixir (what was it, how did it work?), and the public response to this technology. After spending the last 3 weeks in the Brown-Séquard collections at the Royal College of Physicians, I'm now especially interested in the posthumous life of Brown-Sequard--his legacy, notoriety, and the memory of his elixir.
I'm keen to meet you all, and to chat about life, death and biology!

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