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4 years 3 months ago #233 by Erin G
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Hi All,

I am a 4th year PhD Candidate in Science and Technology Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. I recently returned from the last of my data collection trips for my dissertation research, but have not yet starting putting it all together.

My area of research is less directly related to concepts or understandings of death than that of others, but may be influenced or impacted by them. My dissertation focuses on the development of the first ‘body farm’, a research facility where the study of human decomposition is carried out on human cadavers. Specifically, I am trying to contextualize its foundation through understanding the influence and public image of its founder, William M. Bass, especially in popular media. As death figures heavily in forensics, popular, scientific, and legal understandings may play some role in the success of the body farm - both as a research tool and as a focus of public interest.

The theme "Life and Death" offers an opportunity to explore these concepts and consider some of the ways that death, in particular, has been defined, understood, and interrogated throughout history. I am hoping that the course will enable me to more directly engage with how understandings of death may have influenced Bass’s work and its reception.

I look forward to meeting you all next week.


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4 years 3 months ago #234 by Justin L
Replied by Justin L on topic Erin Intro
Erin, have we met!?

The project you're describing is very familiar to me. Did you participate in the Hemispheric Institute's "Convergence" hosted by York in 2017?


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4 years 3 months ago #235 by Erin G
Replied by Erin G on topic Erin Intro
Hi Justin,

While I would have been at York at that time, I did not participate in Convergence in 2017. I wonder if you met a friend or colleague of mine who talked about it? Or maybe someone else was chatting about body farms?

Either way, I’m glad to hear it sounds familiar to you!


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