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Hi all!

I'm a registered nurse (albeit a bit rusty on the clinical side of things) and a first year doctoral student in History of science and ideas at Uppsala University.

I am also part of a multidisciplinary research project, Engaging Vulnerability (check it out here:, which seeks to investigate vulnerability as, among other things, a productive position, rather than a state of disempowerment or helplessness.

I'm just about to start archival work for my thesis on 20th century patient records in Sweden/Norway, and I'm particularly interested in the record-keeping practices of nurses in hospital care. I'm mainly dealing with records written on paper, and I will be looking at a number of different documents, fever curves, care plans, and so on, in short, paper-tools which are employed in the apparatus that documents life (or death) in the hospital.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon,


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