Nyhart's Modern Nature e-Book available for FREE!

8 years 11 months ago #104 by Lynn Nyhart
Dear Ischia Summer School participants,
Much to my surprise, I learned last week that the University of Chicago Press has made my book Modern Nature available as its free E-Book for this quarter for the History of Science Society. That means that if you are a member of HSS, you can download it for free (not as a PDF but into an e-book reader) for the next 3 months (a little less now). While it deals in good part with proto-ecology in German zoos, museums, and schools in the late nineteenth century, it also addresses questions about animal geography and its relationship to animal ecology that we'll be treating in my seminar. Student membership in the History of Science Society is a steal: US$35, which gets you Isis and Osiris--and perks like this one. Who wouldn't want free stuff related to your interests? Just thought I'd mention it--
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