Tintin and Haddock visit Ischia

Tintin and Captain Haddock travel to Ischia: They fly to Naples, "... and then two hours by sea". Tintin et l'Alph-Art

From the airport to the harbour

You can reach the harbour by bus or by taxi; we strongly recommend taking the bus.

By Bus

An express bus service (run by Alibus) runs from Capodichino Airport (just in front of the Arrivals) via the Central Station of Naples (Piazza Garibaldi) to the Molo Porta di Massa (M; for ferries, which are cheaper) and the Molo Beverello (B; for hydrofoils, which are faster). This solution is relatively fast, as well as cheap and convenient:

  • Tickets: €5, can be purchased on the bus (or ticket machines at arrivals, or selected newsagents), and must be 'validated' when boarding the bus.
  • Duration: 30–40 min, about 15min from airport to train station, then 20min until the harbour.
  • Frequency: Every 5–20 min (up to 6x per hour, but irregularly spaced).
  • Operating hours: Service from the airport between 06h00 and 23h20.

More information including a timetable can be found here (bilingual, IT+EN).

By taxi

If you wish to travel by taxi, please pay attention that the taximeter is turned on. Some surcharges (for trips to/from the airport; for each piece of luggage) are added to the cost shown on the taximeter, but the overall surcharge never exceeds 6. The fare should be no more than €30.

Piazza Municipio (A), Molo Beverello (B) and Molo Porta di Massa (M)

Arrival of Alibus (A), Molo Beverello (B) and Molo Porta di Massa (M)

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From the harbour to Ischia

To go to Ischia Porto, you can catch a ferry (at Molo Porta di Massa) or a hydrofoil (at Molo Beverello). The piers are connected by a shuttle bus (500m distance). From Molo Beverello there is on average one service to Ischia every thirty minutes. Make sure you take a boat to Ischia Porto, and do not get off at Procida if the boat stops there first.

Tickets must be bought before boarding either online (for an extra fee) or from a booth on the pier; they cannot be bought on board. Several companies operate ferries to and from Ischia, at different speeds, times, and prices.

For an overview, and to book online, visit, e.g., traghetti.ischia.info. There follows information about the individual companies:

Tickets for the Alilauro hydrofoil cost about €23 each way; return tickets come slightly cheaper (€39). It takes about 45 minutes, and is about €1 cheaper off-peak ('fascia regionale'). Make sure you look at the 'Alta stagione' table (15 June onwards), and you are on Sundays ('domenica') so 'festivo' (unlike Saturday which is classed as a weekday).

Tickets for the Caremar ferry cost about €14 for the slow ferry, or about €21 for the fast ferry, but with a surcharge of €1 for booking online and an additional 12% reservation charge if booked before the day of departure. The ferry ('traghetto') takes about 1h30 and the hydrofoil ('aliscafo') takes 1h. There's also a €1.5 per piece of luggagge if over 10kg (on hydrofoil)/ 20kg (on traghetto).

The third company, MedMar, offers about three sailings per day.

On Ischia

The hotel where everybody will be staying, Hotel Villa Ciccio, is located centrally in Ischia Porto. The address is Via Quercia 26, 80077 Ischia. Google maps can show you the location and plot possible routes (e.g., on foot—it's only 500m—up through the bus station).

You can find general touristic information on wikitravel.