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7 years 11 months ago #102 by Juan Pimentel
Visual devices to display diversity was created by Juan Pimentel
Dear all,
I have chosen a single image to focus our concerns in the seminar, though it is probably neither single nor an image. It is called “Cuadro de la historia natural, civil y geográfica del Perú” (1799), (“A Peruvian tableau of natural, civil and geographic history”), a 3.20 x 1.50 metre oil on wood panel, belonging to the Natural Sciences Museum of Madrid. You would better start by looking to the cuadro, and then asking yourself what kind of representational device is this. A cuadro is a painting, a picture or a canvas, but also a synoptic chart, a table or tableau, a grid or a graphic description encapsulating some certain taxonomy of life. This picture gives us a chance to explore other visual devices to display diversity. I have added other images to the website: a tree of life, a Casta painting , an early biogeographical plate, a landscape… You should say something about these images and think of some others. The aim of the seminar is to help us to think about the idea of diversity from diverse angles, considering different geographies of life, and stressing the visual aids for representing it. According to last years’ experience, I think it would be possible to work in 4 o 5 groups, each one organized around one image, one iconographic motif or visual metaphor… Suggestions are welcome, of course. That’s enough by now. Best, Juan
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7 years 11 months ago #146 by Juan Pimentel
Replied by Juan Pimentel on topic Visual devices to display diversity
Hello again,
I suggest to Oana, José, Dorit and Sebastian (the students who are going to collaborate in this seminar) to choose one visual device or artefact used to represent diversity of life, and to make working groups with your colleagues. That image can be one of the pictures I've download on the web or any other you may consider. On sunday, I'll speak just for ten minutes, to introduce you the Peruvian Tableau of Natural History...See you in Ischia, have a good trip, Juan
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