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Hi everyone.

I'm Jamie Stark, an Associate Professor of Medical Humanities at the University of Leeds. My research is in the history of modern medicine and the biosciences from the period around 1850-1950. My previous work has been largely in the history of infectious disease, and public and occupational health (I completed my PhD on the transnational history of anthrax in 2011) but more recently I've been exploring histories of rejuvenation in the first half of the twentieth century, a topic on which I have a book - The Cult of Youth - forthcoming in early 2020.

My next ambition is to develop a large-scale, interdisciplinary research project on regenerative concepts and practices in twentieth-century medicine/healthcare, and I'm very much hoping to use the sessions in Ischia to refine some of the scope and objectives of the project.

I have a few other things on the go at the moment research-wise, including two more interdisciplinary projects. One examines the history of representations of germs and pathogens with a view to creating a new "visual language" of infectious disease, the other is a large research network which draws on historical perspectives to inform new approaches to mental health treatment and support in children and young people.

Really looking forward to meeting you all and to some exciting discussions during the week!

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