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Solutions based on Air Transat , a Montreal-based low-cost transatlantic carrier:

Early bird:
  1. Fast ferry at 06h20 -- 07h20.
  2. Taxi (20min -- public transport 35min -- too little!) to Napoli Centrale rail station.
  3. Fast train 08h00 -- 09h05 Roma Termini.
  4. Transfer to Fiumincino Airport about 1--1h30 (bus or train). Long haul flight advisory is 3h before departure arrival at airport checkin, so flights from 13h30 onwards OK.
  5. Air Transat flight 14h10 -- 17h25 (9h15 flight) direct (Airbus plane)
Plane ticket €365. Trains about €60. Taxi Naples €10(?).
Note that you arrive a 3/4ths of a day early at the conference, so you acclimatize there (jet lag)!

Lazy bird:
Route as above, but taking the transatlantic flight on Saturday not Friday. Leaving next day means you can check out of the Ischia hotel at a decent hour, make your way to Rome and spend the afternoon and night there.
Drawback: in Montreal you miss Presidential and other speeches, and a dinner plus official registration. You have less time to acclimatize before conference starts.

Travel bird:
Instead of Taxi+Train(+Bus) to Rome, you take airportbus to Naples airport and a cheap flight to Spain (€30--€100). Then again a direct transatlantic flight with Air Transat, but from Madrid or Barcelona (similar price, €390-ish). You again miss the registration/speeches/dinner.
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