16–22 June 1992

From Immunity to Cellular and Molecular Immunology: History of Immunological Thought and of Discoveries in Immunology

Poster for Eighth Course of the Ischia School of History of Biological Sciences. Image courtesy of the Grmek Collection at the Institute for Contemporary Publishing Archives (IMEC), Caen (France).

Poster for the Eighth Course of the Ischia Summer School (1992).
Image courtesy of the Grmek collection (Fonds Grmek) at the Institute for Contemporary Publishing Archives (IMEC) IMEC


Director of the 8th Course: G.J.V. Nossal (Melbourne, Australia)
Director of the School: M.D. Grmek (Paris, France)
Scientific Secretary: B.A. Fantini (Rome, Italy)
Organizing Committee: L. Cariello, B.A. Fantini, J.A. Gilder, G. Rossi, G. Salvatore

Sponsored by the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli
President: G. Salvatore
Director: L. Cariello


  • B. Benacerraf (Boston)
  • B.S. Blumberg (Philadelphia)
  • G.F. Bottazzo (London)
  • L. Brent (London)
  • G.R. Burgio (Pavia)
  • G. Corbellini (Rome)
  • J. Dausset (Paris)
  • M.M. Davis (Stanford)
  • B.A. Fantini (Rome)
  • J.L. Gowans (Strasbourg)
  • L. Hood (Pasedena)
  • H. Judson (Baltimore)
  • I.R. Mackay (Clayton, Victoria)
  • M.G. Masucci (Stockholm)
  • P.M.H. Mazumdar (Toronto)
  • J.F.A.P. Miller (Melbourne)
  • C. Milstein (Cambridge)
  • N.A. Mitchison (London)
  • A.M. Moulin (Paris)
  • J.E. Murray (Boston)
  • N.R. Rose (Baltimore)
  • A.M. Silverstein (Baltimore)
  • T. Söderqvist (Stanford)
  • D.W. Talmage (Denver)
  • A.I. Tauber (Boston)
  • S. Tonegawa (Cambridge)
  • O. Westphal (Montreux)
  • D.C. Wiley (Cambridge)
  • R.M. Zinkernagel (Zurich)

The course, which is limited to 50 participants, is addressed to:

Announcement of 8th course. HPLS 13(1).

1991 announcement of the 8th Summer School, in the Front Matter section of HPLS 13(1).

Scholars interested in the various aspects of the history and philosophy of immunology.

The novelty of the course is that scientists meet with professional historians to analyse and discuss the events that have marked turning points in their field of interest.

The emphasis will be placed on encouraging discussion and the exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries.


should be sent by 15 30 April 1992 to:

History of Science Unit, Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, Villa Comunale, 1-80121 Napoli, Italy. Tel. +39 (0) 81 +39 (0) 81 583 3215. Fax. +39 (0) 81 764 1355.

Late applications will be considered. Please include a brief C.V. and a statement specifying your scientific and academic experience and interest in the topic of the course. A registration fee of Italian Lira 1,500,000 1,250,000 (approx. US$1000) will be required to cover registration and board and lodging in Ischia.

Further announcement of 8th course. HPLS 13(2).

1991 further announcement of the 8th Summer School, in the Back Matter section of HPLS 13(2).

[Note: There are discrepancies between the announcements in HPLS and the poster, indicated here as struck-through corrections. For example, B.S. Blumberg seems to have replaced N.A. Mitchison between announcement and poster, and cost and deadline changed.]